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Korg EM-1 Editor 2.00

Korg EM-1 Editor 2.00: Editor & Pattern  Manager for the Korg Electribe EM-1 Groovebox Piano Roll Editor, Pattern Matrix etc. New in 2.00: Fader Automatization added, Tutorials added, Piano Roll Editor enhanced etc... The all-in-one overview for all steps of a pattern makes it very easy keeping track of what`s going on in your sequences. Fast access to all Pattern Steps and Parameters of all Parts. Name & Style handling for Patterns integrated. Main features: Step Sequencer - Full emulation of the EM-1 Step Sequencer engine - Start

Able MIDI Editor 1.3: Powerful inexpensive piano roll MIDI Editor with precise bar-line arrangement.
Able MIDI Editor 1.3

Compose your own ringtone, melody or complete arrangement with ease! Able MIDI Editor is a powerful inexpensive MIDI Editor for Windows based on the piano roll interface. The Editor lets you arrange bar-lines manually or by ear with the Tapping Tool. In addition to basic editing, the Editor also provides the means for working with tracks with a wide range of possibilities for grouping and combined note rearrangement. See for details.

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Power Sequencer Plus 3 11.06

a MIDI sequencer written the old-fashioned way. Features include: Playback MIDI files Record MIDI data in realtime or step mode. Supports multiple takes. Display track details - up to 256 of them! Display events in piano roll or event list style. Display tempo map and controller maps Configurable instruments with maps for Yamaha TG77 and General MIDI synthesizers.

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Music MasterWorks 3.92: Easy to use MIDI music editor with voice-to-note
Music MasterWorks 3.92

Music MasterWorks is a MIDI music composing program. Allows you to compose music just by singing into your PC microphone. It will also analyze your singing. You can record, edit, playback and print sheet music as well. Compose in either staff or piano roll notation.

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TS-MIDI Editor 1.00: TS-MIDI Editor allows you to correct the results of automatic recognition.
TS-MIDI Editor 1.00

TS-MIDI Editor allows you to quickly and effectively correct the results of the automatic recognition (for example, by TS-AudioToMIDI). The editor is designed similarly to a Piano Roll. Among the functions of TS-MIDI Editor, there are functions like adding/removing notes; changing pitch and duration; playback of the result. Features include editing a note`s velocity, duration, channel, track, patch.

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Sweet Sixteen MIDI Sequencer 3.3.3: MIDI sequencerfor auditioning and modifying all types of MIDI files
Sweet Sixteen MIDI Sequencer 3.3.3

A comprehensive and powerful MIDI sequencer. Sweet Sixteen offers Piano Roll, List and Transform edit pages as well as a dedicated Mixer page you can use for your favorite synthesizer.

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Absolute Steinway Piano VSTi 3: Virtual Piano Standalone and VSTi, midi player and wav recorder.
Absolute Steinway Piano VSTi 3

piano timber. You can create warm or old piano, ragtime or classical sound easily. - Effects : in every plug-in you have a set of effects, but, the Absolute Piano has specific ones, designed only for this piano. The reverberator is warm, very powerful and will not add any ringing resonance. The chorus will greatly emulate the piano bar style, and the peak boost will add an incredible punch in the piano attack, while compressing and limiting at the

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